• Conference
  • Focus Group
  • Seminar / Lecture
  • Preaching

It is a fully edited transcript.

All rigmarole, unnecessary notes and errors in speech are removed. The transcript is clear and coherent. All sentences are intelligently 'tidied up', satisfying not only readers who want to know the main points, but also those who are eager to understand all contexts.

This style of transcript is usually used for Conference, Focus Group, Seminar and Preaching.

Quality – by Likman Dual Writers System

Likman's Transcribers are not only skillful audio typist, but also well-trained, experienced and professional writers. It has always been Likman's practice to recruit professionals with an indefatigable, meticulous and patient personality.

1st Writer Procedure – Master Transcription

Primary transcriber produces a master transcript according to client's specifications.

2nd Writer Procedure – Verification

Quality is guaranteed by a second transcriber who is to verify and proofread the transcript, who listen to the whole audio recording once again, marking sure everything was typed accurately and avoid typo blind.