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  • Law Enforcement
  • Solicitors

Word for word is essential to Legal Transcription, but under different circumstances, the style as also matters:

True Verbatim Transcripts

True colloquial speech – whether that is 'uhms', 'ers' and 'st-sta-stammers' all words are transcribed.
This style of transcript is usually required by the legal profession for depositions and witness statements.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcripts

Also a colloquial speech - but omitted the non-verbal utterance such as 'uh..', and 'uhm..', double-doubled words, pet phrases and 'st-st-stammers'.
This style of transcript is used for Courts, Tribunals and Magistrates' Courts.

Quality – by Likman Dual Writers System

Likman's Transcribers are not only skillful audio typists, but also well-trained, experienced and professional writers. It has always been Likman's practice to recruit professionals with an indefatigable, meticulous and patient personality.

1st Writer Procedure – Master Transcription

Primary transcriber produces a master transcript according to client's specifications.

2nd Writer Procedure – Verification

Quality is guaranteed by a second transcriber who is to verify and proofread the transcript, listen to the whole audio recording once again, marking sure everything was typed accurately and avoid typo blind.