• Reliable
  • Safe
  • Faithful

All the information will be treated in strict confidence.

Audio recordings (audio/video tapes) given to Likman are restricted for the specific purpose of providing transcription services. All of them or in the form of transcripts by Likman will be deemed to be 'Confidential Data'.

Audio recordings will be returned to the client after completion of transcription. A copy of recording and transcript will be kept for backup and ongoing support. They will be immediately destroyed upon request of the client.

Access to confidential data by Likman's staff is strictly on a need-to-know basis, and is permitted only in connection with defined transcriptions. All Likman's staff is apprised of the present guidelines and is formally required to abide by them as a condition of ongoing work.

Client information is never released to third parties or used for advertising without the express written consent of the client beforehand.

Likman is also willing to sign confidentiality agreements as provided by the client.